NLP can be used to resolve numerous problems. Over the years I have worked with many different issues including the following:


  • Do you want to feel relaxed in social situations?
  • Do you want to feel that people around you like you and value your input?
  • Do you want to be confident talking to strangers?
  • Do you want to be able to hold flowing conversations that you can get lost in rather than fear embarrassing yourself or boring people into a coma?

Social Anxiety (social phobia), along with Self-Confidence are the areas in which I specialize.

Social Anxiety is an especially debilitating problem, and though it comes in many different forms with many different elements, improvement can usually be made quickly and clients are often surprised how much they can change.


A lack of confidence can cause problems that affect every area of your life from work to relationships.

For presentations and job interviews, or just getting through the modern, hectic working day, self-confidence is a must and a small nudge in the right direction can create an incredible change.

Most people in the personal development world think confidence is simply about creating a big mental state and then bulldozing your way through problems and situations. This really isn’t the way it is for many people. Your goal should be to learn to act unhindered by a lack of confidence rather than develop an act that gets you through. It’s just far too tiring to play that game. Confidence should be effortless, and that is my goal for you.


Phobias can be really scary. We’ve all seen grown men shake uncontrollably at the thought of touching a snake or even popping a balloon.

Whether it’s a fear of flying, spiders, or whatever, it doesn’t really matter.

Phobias seem to be terribly misrepresented by the media, and are normally very simple to fix, usually in a single session.


Currently, smoking seems to be public enemy No.1.

If you’d like help quitting before it becomes impossible to smoke anywhere, then get in touch.

A few sessions can make a huge difference to the likelihood of you quitting and staying quit.


Can’t leave the house without checking the everything is unplugged?

Can’t leave that last piece of chocolate cake until tomorrow?

Compulsions such as these can be fixed easily and usually within a single session.


What would it be like if you were really motivated to get those unpleasant jobs done or to get outside and lose that weight?

What if the tasks you really want to perform were as enjoyable as watching your favorite television program, eating your favorite meal, or partaking in your favorite bedroom activity (whatever that might be?).

We offer many opportunities for both your personal and professional development. These choices include courses on NLP, Hypnosis, Core Transformation, individual and couple coaching, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and specialized programs for business, sales and public speaking.


A major part of our time will be spent uncovering exactly what processes and strategies you are running that cause the issues you are dealing with. Far too many NLP practitioners simply try to match the client’s problem to a specific NLP technique and then, when the technique doesn’t achieve the desired outcome, wonder what went wrong.

It makes much more sense to identify the change required as specifically as possible.

During a free introductory consultation we will focus on identifying these rogue processes so that we can decide specifically what work needs to be done.

Once the problem and desired outcome have been identified then it’s simply a case of building the new behaviors required to reach your goal and deal with any further issues as they come up. This may involve specific NLP exercises or may be done purely through conversation.

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